If you are a beginner, heck even if you’re not I would recommend getting the Cricut basic tool set first and foremost. it is an all around great set, it is what I started with and I still use it to this day. Once you have this set then slowly add on the extras. The basic tools that come with it are the weeding tool, scissors, tweezers, scraper and a spatula. Now get ready because I’m about to explain what each one is for and why you need it.

Weeding tool

This is probably my most used Cricut tool, you know aside from the Mats. The weeding tool is used to take out all of the tiny little pieces from in between and around your design. It is almost essential if you are working with vinyl since it’s almost impossible to get those little negative pieces out with just your fingers.


This tool has dual purposes, you use this tool to Scrape your vinyl to get it to stick to the transfer tape and then to get it to stick to your project, I use this little guy every day! The other purpose is to use it to scrape all the little bits of paper off of your cricut mat.


These tweezers have the reverse grip feature meaning that when you pinch them together open instead of clothes. This means that you have better control in lifting materials away. These little guys took me a wild to Masters opposite normal tweezers but once I got the hang of it, it makes working with tiny pieces that won’t drop much easier!

Microblade scissors

The scissors are great for cutting almost every material that you will use with your cricket, other than that they are just says there’s nothing exceptional about them but they do come with a cap (that I rarely actually use because I’m always using them) 


This spatula is great when working with paper, card stock and any other thinner material. If you didn’t have a spatula when working with paper materials your design would either rip or curl up when trying to peel from the sticky mat. 

Now that we got through the basic two steps here are some more cricket tools and how they help you out as well.

XL Scraper

Thus functions exactly the same as the scraper that comes in the basic tools set but it is about three times as wide. This monster of a scraper comes in handy when trying to scrape all those a little pieces of paper off of your mat a little quicker and when making those bigger projects it helps to speed up the process.

Weeding tool set

This is a great set if you work with vinyl and heat transfer vinyl a lot, it is just a set of different types of weeding tools. This set includes The classic weeder, fine tweezers, hook tweezers, piercing tool and a hook weeder. 

The weeder, piercing and hook weeder These three tools serve the same purpose but help you to get that exact angle that you need for the project that you’re working on. Every project is different I need to different tool to help you get through it there’s three will ensure that you can get the job done. 

Tweezers and hooked tweezersThese tweezers are essentially your normal every day tweezers, they have a very fine point and function as would any other tweezers, not the same as the reverse grip tweezers that come in the basic tool set. The hooked tweezers are just that, tweezers that have a little hook at the end so you can get those tiny pieces out from a different angle.

Portable Trimmer 

Trims paper to size, it is that it’s essentially a paper cutter that can be used for vinyl and any other thinner material as well. This trimmer also comes with an arm that extends to help you with bigger projects. This thing beats out scissors when trying to get a perfectly square piece of material.

Scoring stylus 

This thing essentially looks like a pen that you put into housing A on your Cricut and it can score your paper for you. I.E. you are making a card and want your card to be folded perfectly down the middle this scoring stylus does exactly that makes paper easy to fold. The scoring stylus can also be used to emboss as well.


Easily another one of my favorite tools, it’s essentially a light up drawing pad without the glare. It has three levels of brightness and it helps a ton when trying to weed out those pieces of vinyl and iron on vinyl. I absolutely love mine!


Your blade sits in housing B and is probably the single most important part of your machine. Always make sure your blade is being taken care of and changed out when your design starts to get sloppy or skip.

According to packaging your blade should last 500 to 1500 cuts depending on the type of material being cut, thicker materials cause your blade to dull quicker.

Deep cut blade

This blade is for the explore series only. For this blade you will also need a separate housing made specifically for the deep cut blade. Displayed it opens you up to 50+ more materials that you couldn’t otherwise use with a thickness of up to 1.5 mm. Some of these materials include leather, craft foam, rather, felt, glitter card stock, chipboard and more.

Ultimate Pens and Fine Point Pens

These are essentially fine point sharpie‘s that click into housing A.  These pens are used typically with paper or card stock making cards, scrapbooking and making designs. They come in all colors including gold, silver and metallic. You get the best bang for your buck when you buy the 30 pack! 

Brayer and Mat Remover Set 

The Brayer (or rubber roller) is used to help roll down your fabric or other material so that it’s nice and smooth with consistent adhesion to the mat. And the broad tipped tweezers help get your material lifted up off the mat with ease.

I hope this helped you learn about the tools that are available for the Cricut and how they can help you with your projects. 

How have you used these tools if any different than how they are intended? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Another great set this one is more for a seamstress. This set comes with six tools that are essential to add to your arsenal if you plan on using your cricket for sewing in any capacity and comes with six items

Cricut Sewing Kit

8 inch Fabric Shears that can cut through multiple layers as well as leather and denim.

Thread Snips are used to cut threads easily.

Seem Ripper to remove small stitches

Pin Cushion for storing pins and needle’s with easy access

Measuring Tape that can measure flat and curved surfaces

Leather Thimble to protect yourself from accidentally poking yourself

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  1. One of my favourite tools for weeding is to take a mechanical pencil remove the lead and insert a sewing pin. It’s perfect for tiny pieces and can hold a bunch for you need to pick it off. Great tips. I never realized how many tools cricut had!

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